Wine, of course, must be purchased from the Vineyard. There is a minimum purchase of 3 cases of wine. With an easy-to-get Banquet License from Virginia ABC, you can purchase and bring to your event your own selection of beer and other distilled spirits of your choosing. This license is issued to individuals (representing themselves or a group/company) for private events where alcohol is provided at no charge to guests (also known as a “one-day” license.) The application is online. The VA ABC charges $55 for this license.

We charge a one-time, all inclusive fee of $200 for our staff to set up and serve the beer you purchase and bring to your event. If you wish to bring in your own distilled spirits to have mixed drinks and specialty cocktails at you event, the service of an additional bartender is required.

Speaking of alcohol: Host Liquor Liability is a key wedding insurance coverage, providing protection against bodily injury or property damage suits brought by parties injured as a result of an intoxicated guest, who was served alcohol at an event you hosted. Your wedding is a private event hosted by you. You must have Host Liquor Liability coverage as part of the Liability Insurance for the day of your event. Many companies offer this type of insurance. It can be done online quickly and is inexpensive. You must show a Certificate of Insurance where the event site is listed as an Additional Insured. We require this insurance for your event.

We do not recommend any particular company, but offer these links as a helpful resource and starting point to make your selection as to which company can best offer you protection. Your own insurance company or insurance agent may also be a good resource for you.

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