We have electrical outlets for your band or DJ to use during the event, but not sound equipment. Bands and DJs have their own equipment and prefer to use their own. We have had bands as large as 14 members! The stage is 12 feet deep and 38 feet long. While there is no “dressing room” per se, the equipment room, albeit it very rustic and not in the least bit glamorous, does provide a handy space for the band to store their stuff, change clothes if needed and sit in private peace and quiet for a break! We have several plugs out on the porch, and we also have a portable electrical break box, so not to worry. If your band would like to call and speak with Mike or Kyle directly, or if they would like tom stop by in person and take a look, they are welcome to.

Our phone number is 434-322-3270.

We do not have WIFI. Please let your DJ know that streaming music is not possible.

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Tell us more about your special event, we’d love to hear about it. Plan a visit, request more information, and check our availability using this link: